cheap bathroom makeover

Ideas for a cheap bathroom makeover

cheap bathroom makeoverLast summer I decided I wanted to makeover our bathroom but had very little time or money. I gave myself a weekend (Friday after work until Sunday evening) and $150 to create a “bathroom themed bathroom.” Except for the storage unit, I did all the work myself and I was quite pleased with the result. Here are a few ideas to transform your bathroom on a budget:


Clean: I started by cleaning the bathroom as best I could. Since I couldn’t afford to replace the toilet, sink or shower, I tried to scrub off stains and replaced the caulk in the shower. You can also take off the cover for your ceiling exhaust fan and run in through your dishwasher to get in clean as new.

Paint. This is the most obvious but also the most impactful. Use gloss paint in a bathroom and be sure to use a coat of primer.

Light fixture: This took the biggest part of the budget but that old fixture dated the entire bathroom and rewiring a light like this is super easy.

Rugs: I sewed mine using an old bath towel on the bottom and a piece of a bed sheet from the thrift store on the top. They are absorbent and easy to throw in the wash for cleaning. They also cover the cracked floor tiles.

Storage: I lucked out and married a furniture-builder so he made a custom piece out of inexpensive MDF but Ikea has some cheap options or you could paint any existing storage units

Curtain: This is made from a $3 shower curtain liner. I cut the shower curtain to the size of the window and used the existing holes in the shower curtain top and shower curtain hangers to attach the curtain to the rod. I finished off the bottom edge with a piece of the decorative border from the sheet used in the rugs. The frosted plastic of the shower curtain liner lets in light and provides privacy.

Decorations: I used painted wood trim nailed directly to the wall to “frame” a square of white paint. The photo is one I took of my daughter in the bath blown up at Costco for a few dollars and put in an inexpensive frame. The words are written directly on the wall with permanent marker. The plates on the back of the toilet are from the thrift store ($0.50 each). The containers and candle are from the dollar store.

Towel bar and toilet roll dispenser: Inexpensive and good looking replacements can be found at major home centers. Don’t live with ugly, outdated towel bars; they’re easy to replace.

Shower: The hard water stains in the shower were permanent so after many failed experiments, I covered the exterior of the shower walls with bubble wrap attached with double stick tape. A weird solution but it’s still working a year later (although I can’t clean the exterior of my shower–not that I was frequently cleaning the exterior of my shower anyway)

See for yourself what I mean by looking at this series of before and after images.

before and after

Mickey Mouse bathroom décor

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Decor

Mickey Mouse bathroom décor

The bathroom should be a comfortable place where everyone wants to relax a bit maybe after school or work. The common view is completely different when the truth is that the bathroom lacks of light and any decoration. It feels horrible every time you need to use the bathroom.  Looking at the boring wall. Why not remodel your boring old bathroom with more exciting wall and items. One popular options for families with small children is Mickey Mouse bathroom décor.  Add a few colour accents and some mickey mouse toys- the more the better. Children always love this Mickey Mouse bathroom but adults or teenagers also admire this popular Disney cartoon. It’s just too cute seeing the cartoon items are all over the bathroom such as Mickey Mouse linens, toys for the babies, curtains, wallpaper, bath mats, rugs, or stickers on the drawers.

The first time you look at when open the bathroom doors is possibly the wallpaper that covers the wall. Involving the Mickey Mouse bathroom décor to jazz up your bathroom isn’t something impossible to do. Simply, get the Mickey Mouse wallpaper either from the online stores or from the Bath & Beyond. There are various theme color wallpapers you can look at. If your bathroom is a bit dark, buy a bit lighter color such as light blue, light green or yellow. It doesn’t matter whether the bathroom size is small. You can have the feeling of a large bathroom by applying these popular Mickey Mouse bathroom décor ideas to your future bathroom. Framing the Mickey Mouse bathroom wallpaper with red is also great if the bathroom background is white. Create a sensual sense using red and combine with the Mickey Mouse wallpaper.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Sets

Put your thoughts after looking at Mickey Mouse bathroom décor to make a shopping list on what kinds of items to décor your bathroom. Simply go to the bathroom and note some items that are missing. Think also about the spaces you need when you buy the items. For example, you are missing a new rug for the bathroom. Smaller bathroom will need smaller Mickey Mouse rug than ever. A bigger size might cause troubles in opening the handle door. Hopefully, you have some ideas on what to do to remodel your bathroom.