Why Use A Ceramic Tile?

ceramic bathroom tile

ceramic bathroom tileThe bathroom is one of the best places to use ceramic tile for many reasons. Ceramic is versatile, looks good, and non-porous.

When ceramic tile is glazed it is also water resistant making it the perfect candidate for bathroom and also kitchen uses.

A popular use of ceramic in a bathroom tile design is usually on the surfaces and/or floors, but it is important to know that you can use it for other areas in the bathroom!

You can use ceramic tiles to create a very nice shower and bathtub setting letting you design you own shape, style, and size to your liking. It’s also important to note that ceramic tile is very DIY friendly which can save you money on a contractor.

The image shown left illustrates unique do-it-yourself design . It looks sleek and modern and should be well within the abilities of the average home handyman

 Tips For Using Ceramic Tile

  • The smaller the tile, the more grout you will need to use. Make sure you plan accordingly.
  • If you’re using solid ceramic tile colors you can play with different grout colors to make your design much more unique and attractive.
  • Utilizing those colors to create different tile designs is fun and looks very nice! Play around with different colors and patterns before deciding on what you want to stick with.

Alternatives to Ceramic Tile

There are many alternatives to ceramic tile that may suit you better. Take a look at some of these other options that you may like more

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have been a very innovative design that has been hitting the bathroom tile scene lately. They give you a unique type of look that could be shimmering, semi-transparent, reflective, or even completely transparent. Hand decorating your tiles makes the look more inventive and different from “the usual” boring bathroom designs, so get creative when you create that unique look!

cubway bathrrom tile

Subway Tiles

If you want a more retro style look in your bathroom subway tiles may be the way to go. Subway tile isn’t the most innovative, but if you have a 20th century house this may fit the style exactly. Take a look at this picture of subway tile below:


There are many different options and surfaces for you to choose from when deciding on a bathroom tile idea and design so make sure you look at all the available types. Do enough research and make a good decision on whether or not a certain style fits your house, budget, and time frame. Don’t rush into it and make a smart decision!

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